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Meet the USA Team

The Future of Energy Storage

Meet the team at Carbon Neutral Energy, we have built a team with unrivaled personal experience in various sectors. The wide range of skills combined with our expertise and knowledge is second to none in the industry. Transparency, accountability, and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.


Main Board Director (USA)

Mark has 42 years of experience within the global energy industry. Mark was instrumental in the growth of the family business Balmoral Group through his 16 years of service leaving as the group assistant Managing Director, a month later he then joined Australian PLC Nautronix in 1996 as Managing Director for Europe, Middle East & West Africa, and a main board director. In 2002 he led a management buyout becoming Group CEO and the second largest shareholder with operations in San Diego, Santa Barbra, Perth Australia, Singapore, Houston and Aberdeen which, was the first ever public to private transaction in Australia.

In 2006, Mark sold the global defense business for £75 million to L3 communications based in New York and then in 2010 he sold the Oil and Gas business to SCF in Houston for £25m. In 2015 Mark led the successful sale of Nautronix to Proserv just at the start of the oil and gas down turn, he then went on to found Decom-specialist Well-Safe Solutions in 2017 before successfully exiting in 2019.

In 2020 he started Carbon Neutral Energy with his two sons where he sees significant opportunity in the emerging global electrification space and states this is the biggest opportunity of his career.