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eGen Static
Energy Storage Solutions
eGen Static Containers
Bak up apoer for the grid - eGen

The Static range of eGen modules is designed to deliver a green power range from 1MW up to 3MW.

The range in both physical dimensions and power means versatility is supplied to the customer to meet their operational needs.

The range of smaller static modules can also be combined to create eGen Megabanks which can be customised to meet large capacity power requirements, potentially creating gigawatt storage systems.

Worldwide there is a significant drive from the population to reduce carbon footprint with targets being set by many governments to achieve a Net Zero Position.

Our eGen Static energy storage solution will support both the environmental issues and storage shortages for green power to help reduce wastage and help meet future target net zero ambitions.

This Hybrid On and Off-Grid System is suitable for a variety of different applications with multiple industries such a Marine & Shipping, Oil & Gas, Renewables, Construction, Technology, Manufacturing, and Agriculture and Hospitality to name but a few.

eGen Senarios and uses

The static range of eGen-1 , eGen-2 & eGen-3 modules designed to deliver a green power from 1MW up to 3MW.
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