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eGen Mobile
The future of Delivering Green Energy

Delivering Green Power Direct from renewable Generation Sources.

There is a growing demand for global electrification and therefore energy storage will be needed to help meet future net zero ambitions.

Without cleaner storage, it will be harder for companies to reduce their use of gas and coal-fired power plants and decrease the harmful effects of climate change.

The CNE team recognised an inadequacy in the UK’s power infrastructure which results in the lack of power availability in peak times and also restricts certain applications due to the lack of capacity at peak times.

To combat this lack of capacity Carbon Neutral Energy has developed a revolutionary Mobile Battery Storage Solution.  This mobile power technology leads the way in providing cost-effective, greener, mobile & longer-duration power storage solutions.

CNE's Transportable Energy
unique charger system, can be powered from green and conventional grid sources

Benefits of eGen-4 & eGen-5  bespoke mobile units are:

  • The unique design aspects allow for robust transport.
  • This module can be used as the power source on-site or as a delivery unit to support the supply of green power to the eGen range.
  • Due to the unique modular pack arrangement, CNE can offer a bespoke mobile module to meet exact customer power requirements.


We know that many transport operators work hard to reduce the environmental footprint, improve drivers’ working environment and contribute to making transport quieter and cleaner, going electric is an investment for the future and we at CNE are working with vehicle manufacturers to ensure the delivery of there units are as environmentally friendly as possible.

CNE’s eGen-4 and eGen-5 are bespoke mobile units

eGen Mobile bespoke units storing up to 5MW of transportable power.
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